INDIA-AIDS an NGO who got so many Awards and appreciation and dedicated to the service of the nation came into prominence when its health (News Bulletin)–”AIDS SOLUTION ‘N’ KILLER DISEASES” – the first of its kind in India and perhaps South Asia hit the stands and played a vibrant crusader in combat against HIV/AIDS and thereby carved a hearty chord with the people far and wide.
The organization is an undisputed leader in crusade on Women’s empowerment, education for drop out & child labors, counseling, sanitation, family planning, basic health and well being, as well as awareness, prevention and eradication of HIV/AIDS and other killer diseases. With an aim of having a sound health environment by eradication of HIV/AIDS, Cancer and other deadlier diseases, INDIA AIDS came into being in the late nineties.The alarm bells that sent shivers down the spine all over the world, starting from South Africa gradually all over the World. Concerned at this alarming trend, INDIA-AIDS thought it was inevitable to combat the menace head on and the multi-dimensional mission is still on. Now INDIA-AIDS in Agriculture, Conservation of Fuel & Energy, Skill Development Programs, Road Safety Programs,Plantation, procurement and propagation of Medicinal Plants and Herbal spices.



Everyone knows Health has to be acquired and cannot be bestowed on any one at all.
This applies equally to individuals and community. Therefore people themselves and community organizations play a pivotal role in initiating, promoting and sustaining health development of the society to which they belong. For sustainable health development it is desirable that an appropriate system emerges for the people themselves. The biggest drawback of health promotion efforts in India is that people feel the need for health only when it is lost. Public health is remembered only during the outbreak of a major epidemic or disaster and is forgotten soon after the event is over. It is not realized that what is claimed to be cured is the clinical disease but the multiple factors causing the disease are left undisturbed. The solution of the above lies in empowering people and making them self reliant in health care. Health care has to be demystified. Ignorance of the people needs to be replaced by knowledge and skill. What is necessary is a massive IEC (Information, Education and Communication) drive to inform people on health, Education and related matters. So that they become aware of various health hazards and simple ways in which they themselves can effectively taken care of the common risk. (a) To create awareness :
1. Organizing health & Educational awareness camps in slums, jhuggis and clusters where the population is most vulnerable.
2. Direct interaction with general public through demonstrations, puppet show, nukkad natak, printed messages and personal counseling etc. to help them be aware of the exposure to the risk of HIV/AIDS infections.
3. Organizing road shows in public places like markets, etc to give them a first hand knowledge about importance of Education & Well Being.
4. Close on the heels of the above, there are numerous other meaningful activities of the organization, which could be sought on demand.



Goal of Organization

1. To create awareness among people about AIDS, Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI), STD, HIV/AIDS to protect people from the killer diseases.
2. To organize such camps, which will create soldiers in each family to fight the epidemic.
3. The long-term goal of organization is to aware the people of every nook & corner about the impact of Education & Well Being.
4. Rehabilitation of orphans, women and old age persons who are socially boycotted. In other words to make the society where every one is educated and having good Health and basic Education which is the basic of basics.